3 Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

If you have been considering having your carpets professionally cleaned, it is likely that you have mostly been concerned about aesthetic factors such as stains or dirt buildup on the carpet. While a carpet can certainly look better after it has been cleaned, did you know that it can also be better for your health? Aside from regular vacuuming, having your carpets professionally cleaned routinely can improve the health of your family or pets, especially if they have breathing related conditions such as asthma. Below are three ways that carpet cleaning in Vancouver can improve your health:

  • Get rid of pollutants
    The Environmental Protection Agency says that there are certain air pollutants that can become trapped in a dirty carpet, and these are not things that you will want in your home. Pollutants such as pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, and dust can become trapped which allows toxic airborne gases to adhere to these particles and remain in your carpet too. Even simple activities such as walking across your carpet can release these toxic gases and contaminate your living space air. The special equipment and solvents used by professional carpet cleaners can kill these pollutants and reduce the risk of toxic gas buildup in your carpet.
  • Dust mites be-gone!
    Did someone say creepy crawlies? Did you know that microscopic dust mites infest many homes without the homeowner even knowing? While the mites themselves don’t do any harm, they can spread feces and other matter than can cause allergic reactions when inhaled. Any small disturbance can irritate these small particles and make them easy to breathe in. To remove dust mites, professionals use steam cleaning with high temperatures that kill the mites and leave a clean carpet behind.
  • No more mold
    If your carpet is in a space with high humidity levels, it could be at risk of developing mold. You may not be able to see mold when it first starts to grow on your carpet, especially if it begins at the base of the fibres. In a wet climate such as the one in Vancouver, moisture can easily be tracked in onto the carpet which creates the perfect place for mold to flourish. Mold growth can lead to breathing problems and sickness in many people that will become noticeable once mold starts to appear. Regularly cleaning your carpets will help remove mold or mildew that may have grown as well as ensure that your carpet is fully free of moisture.

If you are ready to schedule your routine Vancouver carpet cleaning and protect your health, contact us at Local Carpet Cleaning today.